XRP Price Is Heading $0.23 Level. Traders Enter XRP Market For Long-Term Profits

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Sun, 09/29/2019 - 16:00
Vera Yurina
XRP on its way to $0.23. When to expect the bottom and the breakout? Read XRP price predictions from TradingView users
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Ripple has disappointed the crypto community as nothing else: instead of breaking the $.30 level, it hit the lowest low during the recent period. Will it go further down? Should we buy XRP now, or it’s better to wait a bit? Let’s read XRP price predictions from TradingView users.

Bullish Bat is forming

Ripple (XRP) price chart by TradingView

On short term 1 hr chart after forming a bullish Shark pattern price line of XRP/USD is forming bullish BAT, and so far all legs are driven as required for BAT. Thus, the last leg will be retraced from 0.786 to 0.886 Fibonacci and soon it will be entered in potential reversal zone.

This PRZ area should be used as stop-loss point in case of complete candlestick closes below this zone.

So, our price targets are as follows:

Buy between: 0.23583 to 0.23098

Sell between: 0.23710 to 0.24357

The profits might be reaped in October. XRP might fall to $0.23 till the end of September.

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Make it or break it

Ripple (XRP) price chart by TradingView

According to user bonic, there’s XRP possible bull run coming! Stay patient and look at this beautiful falling wedge that’s forming. Levels to look out for: $0.13 and $0.26. The last line of support is to reject and bounce back to.

If XRP bounce of the support rejecting the bears with a vengeance and heads towards $0.26 resistance and breakout through the upside, XRP will blow and might possibly be going to $1.00 (see dotted extrapolation). Regardless that descending triangles are most probable to breakout to the upside, past indications don't have to be future results. The traders claim XRP can even break to $0.13, but once the lower low is confirmed there is still hope for the XRP project. In short term, XRP is bearish, while long-term projections are bullish.

XRP is getting ready to pump?

Ripple (XRP) price chart by TradingView

Let’s see what happened with Ripple during the last days:

  • Against the widespread fall of main cryptos, Ripple proved to have a strong back.
  • XRP rolled down to not lower than $0.2150, where acute buyers stepped in and drove it quickly up to $0.2500.
  • The huge Volume clearly designates the Area of high buying interest.

Ripple is one of the best chips to pick up from the fallen market now.

The current trading signals are:

Buy @ $0.2150 - $0.2350

1st Target: $0.4000

Stop-loss: $0.2090

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XRP/BTC might blow

Ripple (XRP) price chart by TradingView

Here There Are 6 Points on XRP/BTC which give us good signals to think that XRP is next to blow up. Take a closer look at the chart. But before it happens, you can consider buying some coins – it won’t hurt.

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