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XLM Price Might Double To $0.14 Level By The End Of 2019. Why Traders Are Optimistic?

  • Vera Yurina
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    Could XLM touch the $0.14 level by the end of 2019? Traders think it's possible! Read their ideas in XLM price predictions from TradingView

XLM Price Might Double To $0.14 Level By The End Of 2019. Why Traders Are Optimistic?
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Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.


Stellar Lumens joins the rows of altcoins entering the uptrend, and it has made a great spike recently. However, traders say it’s not all – the cryptocurrency has all chances to skyrocket and even double its price! When it should happen and what exactly to expect from XLM coin? Read Stellar (XLM) price predictions from tradingview users.

XLM is breaking out of the falling wedge

XLM is ready to reach new targets
Stellar (XLM) price chart by TradingView

When it comes to XLM/USD pair, there are many interesting technical indicators to look on:

  • We can see a new All-Time Low being hit for XLM/USD on the 14-Sept. A strong bounce followed by the 18-September when XLM/USD had grown by as much as 57%.

  • This bounce took out EMA10, EMA50, and EMA100 with the biggest volume bar printed since Mid July 2018, confirming that this is a very strong move and additional growth can easily follow.

  • Massively bullish RSI, now above 70.

  • The MACD allows for plenty of room for additional growth.

XLM/USD broke out of a falling wedge and produced a strong bounce and is signaling an upcoming change of trend. It will take time for the new trend to be confirmed but the signals are really strong and clear. It is time for Stellar to grow.

Here are the main targets (resistance) and support levels for XLM/USD:


(1) 0.0946

(2) 0.1035

(3) 0.1099

(4) 0.1179

(5) 0.1412


(1) 0.0752

(2) 0.0713

(3) 0.0658


Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH) Might Continue Getting Delisted from Exchanges

Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH) Might Continue Getting Delisted from Exchanges

Expect breakout by the end of the year

XLM enters the bull run
Stellar (XLM) price chart by TradingView

There have been lots of new developments with Stellar in 2019, and many exciting releases coming from the team behind the project. However, it’s not the only driver of XLM development.

What do we see on the XLM/USD price chart?

  1. MACD has plenty of room to move up.

  2. The RSI is high, so this is one to watch. It may come down a bit before heading back up. This should translate to $0.075, before heading back up IF the RSI is to be followed.

  3. The entire crypto market is starting to shape up into a 2017 style bull run. 

We see the same trends and moves that we did in 2017. RSI and MACD are in a long term bullish movement with plenty of room for a breakout. If things continue to go well, we can see XLM reach $0.14 somewhere by the end of 2019.

3 versions of XLM development

Versions of XLM development
Stellar (XLM) price chart by TradingView

It seems that BTC has knocked some fins out of most alts, less so with XLM. But there are still multiple plays on the table.

  1. Version 1 is that we push through the 0.08900 resistance. 

  2. Version 2 we fall through first support at 0.07770 level and there we bounce back up again. 

  3. Eventually, Fib 0.618 should act as the strongest support here and if that holds, then the next leg up has a strong momentum to push beyond 0.09000.


New CEO of Interstellar Expected to Streamline Stellar (XLM) Adoption

New CEO of Interstellar Expected to Streamline Stellar (XLM) Adoption

Price of 2000 Satoshi is coming

XLM might reach 2000 satoshi level
Stellar (XLM) price chart by TradingView

Before making this analysis, thecryer also checked MACD and told that would be the last month of the bears, and this forecast turned out to be right. Look at MACD: it is turning Green and Columns starting to be smaller. There’ no need to look at the rest MACD, this is the most powerful indicator in Trading.

Now, the new forecast based Fibo retracement tells us that the first target for XLM is 2000 Sats! The rest is only patience! We should just wait for MACD cross up.

Bottom Line

After such a legendary breakout, XLM needs to hold the current positions – it has a lot of potential enhanced by the current altcoin market uptrend. If there’s nothing to affect the market or Stellar itself, we might really see the coin increase its price by 50% or even 100% by the end of the year.

Disclaimer: Price predictions from news.u.today should not be considered as trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market is prone to high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements.  Before making investments, you should make your own research and be familiar with all local regulations.

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