Will McAfee Shill Potential Ripple Fork? - ‘Crypto Baron’ Gets Offer From Crypto_Bitlord

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Tue, 09/24/2019 - 10:41
Yuri Molchan
John McAfee states that he is one of the best promoters who works for advance pay, Crypto_Bitlord approaches him a with an offer 
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The US presidential candidate John McAfee (on the run from the IRS of the USA for averting tax payments over the last several years) makes a living by promoting things, as he explains in his recent tweet.

He offers to shill anything for advance payment (better if in crypto). In the comment thread, he receives an offer from the controversial XRP lover but a hater of the current Ripple policy of XRP dumping, Crypto_Bitlord.

The latter has previously promised to hardfork Ripple and now he is making an offer to McAfee to work for him. Could he be serious about getting a Ripple hard fork done and McAfee to promote it?

McAfee’s collaborations seem to end badly for companies

McAfee has previously often shilled ICOs on his Twitter page and even unwillingly created the so-called ‘McAfee effect’ when coins started rising in price after the crypto baron promoted them promising that rise. That went on until the SEC interfered in summer 2018 and put an end to that.

As for recent McAfee’s collaborations, his promotion of SkyCoin ended, since the team could not bear McAfee’s ‘bold’ tweets about ‘whale fucking’ and dismissed the ‘best promoter’.

Another, much more recent example, is McAfee’s promotion of the Chinese project dubbed Zombie Coin. After McAfee posted a link to the draft of the white paper he was hired to write, the company sued him for $100,000 mln for giving their project a bad name.

John McAfee, has not been commenting on whether that story has continued or the company dropped its suit.

Recently, the former antivirus mogul spread the word that he has joined the newly opened Burency crypto exchange as an advisor.

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Will Crypto_Bitlord offer McAfee to shill a Ripple fork?

Crypto_Bitlord approached the crypto baron with an offer, saying that he has got coins to pay him and wondering if McAfee is interested.

In the comments, Crypto_Bitlord’s followers assumed that he wants to hire McAfee to promote a Ripple hard fork that Crypto_Bitlord has been promising to conduct.

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