SunNetwork Is Live Officially, Tron’s Capacity Will Improve, Promises Justin Sun

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Mon, 08/12/2019 - 10:15
Yuri Molchan
One of the top DLT platforms, Tron, spreads the word about the Sun Network release, Justin Sun says that the newly released product will increase Tron’s capacity
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The boss of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, who has become a somewhat controversial figure recently, has published a post about the recently launched solution for side chains that, as per him, will let the TRX mainnet get bigger scalability.

Tron to benefit from the Sun Network launch

The trial net for Sun Network was released in early summer. Back then, Justin Sun said that the new solution would ensure better scalability for the Tron network.

Sun Network is expected to provide a bigger TPS amount on the Tron ledger and to allow more efficient operations with Tron-based blockchain contracts.

The new product will also work together with other projects made for increasing scalability, e.g. DAppChain – a side chain with more opportunities for using DLT contracts. It enables interaction between various blockchains in particular. Sun Network together with DAppChain will allow users to operate dApps spending much less electricity, ensuring a higher level of security and make their work on Tron much more efficient overall.

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Sun Network VS other ways to improve scalability

In comparison to other solutions that allow bigger operational scalability, the Tron team says Sun Network wins thanks to two special features. It allows transactions via DLT contracts by improving their TPS on the Tron network, also decreasing the fee one pays for those operations.

The other feature is that the side chain allows customizing requirements – allows setting various incentives, transaction fees, the confirmation of TPS speed, and other crucial parameters to let dev teams work on the network.

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