Ripple Could Be Doing Massive Rebranding While Community Argues about 1 Bln XRP Release from Escrow

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Wed, 10/02/2019 - 09:29
Yuri Molchan
The Ripple community is having heated discussions over the recent 1 bln XRP release and Ripple removes links to its products – xRapid, xCurrent and xVia
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Ripple seems to be in the midst of a massive rebranding, removing the links to its products from the website and promoting xRapid system under a new name.

Links to xCurrent, xRapid and xVia are gone

The major crypto company Ripple, which works with the third-largest currency XRP, has removed links to its global products from its website – xCurrent, which is a messaging system from Ripple that numerous banks are currently signing up to within RippleNet, xRapid – a product that offers instant transfers of XRP and xVia – another system for instant payments.

Ripple seems to have renamed xRapid into On-Demand Liquidity and it will continue to allow its customers to utilize XRP.

The page that previously explained how xRapid worked and invited customers to join, now speaks of the On-Demand Liquidity payment system. There is even a quote from MoneyGram payment provider that is known to use xRapid and XRP.

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The XRParmy argues about the recent release of 1 bln XRP

On October 1, the Whale Alert account on Twitter reported another massive XRP release from escrow – 1 billion tokens were unlocked. The authors of the channel commented that this is a regular monthly XRP release from escrow.

Recently, the XRP community has divided in their attitude towards these and other acts of ‘XRP dumping’. As of late, a Twitter user named Crypto_Bitlord seems to have taken the position of an unofficial leader of those who believe that XRP dumps keep the coin’s price low.

The aforementioned person has even threatened to conduct an XRP hard fork to stop this and has approached John McAfee, supposedly, with an offer to shill the new XRP coin.

This time, Crypto_Bitlord was the first to leave his negative comment under the Whale Alert tweet to say that he has become ‘sick of this’.

This provoked a heated discussion between him and his supporters with those who believe that Ripple would not be manipulating the XRP market against themselves.

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