Reasons Why BitPay Service Blocked $100,000 Donation Sent to Save Burning Amazon Forests

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Fri, 08/23/2019 - 13:25
Yuri Molchan
Amazon Watch reports that BitPay has rejected a crypto payment worth $100,000 sent to help extinguish the ongoing fires in the Amazon forests
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The leading payment processing service BitPay has rejected a crypto transaction worth $100,000 aimed to help save the forests in the Amazon region. Amazon Watch, an organization that provides support for the region, highlighted the issue on Twitter.

BitPay offers kind advice in response

In the comment thread, a BitPay rep promised to see if they could contact the donor. They recommended that Amazon Watch rises the approved payment volume in the settings of the service.

The Amazon Watch account tweeted that they had tried to do that but were notified that further compliance via email is required.

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Amazon forests burning for over two weeks

The fires in the forests of the Amazon region have been going for over three weeks already. Experts believe that they are jeopardizing the future of the planet’s ecosystem.

The Washington Post writes about that:

The final main cause is droughts. These occur naturally, but scientists say climate change and deforestation are making them more frequent – and more severe. This creates a self-reinforcing loop: less water dries or even kills trees, providing more fuels for more fires.”

Earlier this month, BitPay also suspended its operations in Germany over the tighter regulations implemented against the cryptocurrency industry.

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The community bashes BitPay

Curiously, in the comment thread, the community poured criticism over BitPay, strongly advising Amazon Watch to give up working with the platform as an unreliable one and switch to BTCPay Server instead.

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Binance raised crypto donations for the burning Notre Dame De Paris

Earlier this year, a fire hit the famous ancient the Notre Dame De Paris cathedral in Paris, a global tourist attraction. 

When it happened, Binance exchange started to collect donations via its Blockchain Charity Foundation to help restore the historical monument. Not many people responded and sent money, since quite a lot had already been donated in fiat via other charity organizations.

Some in the community believe that the Binance’s charity is just one of the platform’s PR method, otherwise the fund would collect crypto donations not just for the victims of the floods in Japan last year or for Notre Dame De Paris, but also for other global issues, such as the current fires in the Amazon forests. 

These regions are often referred to as the ‘lungs of the Earth’ and assistance of the global and influential company, such as Binance and its charity fund would be valuable.

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