McAfee’s New DEX Allows Anyone to List Any Ethereum-Based Coin Free of Charge

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Tue, 10/08/2019 - 07:50
Yuri Molchan
The new dex launched in beta by John McAfee allows listing any Ethereum-based coin for free, other platforms to be added when the full version is launched
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On Monday, October 7, the 'crypto baron' John McAfee launched beta trials of his decentralized exchange McAfeedex. He states that it is entirely safe, since all coins are stored on the blockchain and is immutable to hackers.

Besides, McAfee has stated that (since the exchange runs on Ethereum) anyone can simply add their favorite Ethereum-issued coins for trading free of charge.

As soon as the full version of the dex comes out, more platforms will be added, McAfee promises. Yesterday, he confirmed that one of those will be Justin Sun’s Tron chain.

Users have already started adding various ERC-20 tokens to the new dex and are expressing their joy about it in the comment thread.


McAfee has also announced that yesterday his team booted some ‘DDoS trolls’ from the exchange.


What is your opinion of the decentralized exchange that John McAfee has just launched in beta? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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