Justin Sun Criticized for Making Another 'Hot Promise' As TRX Becomes Top Loser on CoinMarketCap, Dropping to Spot 14

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Thu, 08/15/2019 - 08:20
Yuri Molchan
Justin Sun posts a perky Twitter announcement, promising to bring TRX and BTT back to top-10 and top-30 on CoinMarketCap but gets heavy criticism in return
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On August 15, the Tron founder Justin Sun made another ‘big’ promise on Twitter, saying that ‘he is back on fire’ and that he will bring TRX and BTT to their previous CMC positions among the top 10 and top 30 assets.

The crypto community does not seem to take that bait anymore, though.

Justin Sun ‘is back on fire’

The Tron founder seems to be returning to his usual hype-making tactics on Twitter and he calls it being ‘back on fire’.

Sun has been promising to eat a meal with Warren Buffett and even bring Litecoin’s Charlie Lee along with a few other top men from the crypto sphere along. Later on, he postponed the lunch, explaining the hold-up with kidney stones he was diagnosed with but in reality, having issues with the Chinese authorities.

While that was happening, TRX went deeper down on the CoinMarketCap scale from position 12 until it landed (at press time) on spot 14.

Now, Sun promises to bring TRX back to the top-ten list and return BTT to the top-30 area. The community does not seem to fall for that, though.

Image by CoinMarketCap
Image by CoinMarketCap

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Tron community’s backlash

Sun’s prior ‘loud promises’ first made the community highly excited but when the Tron CEO failed to deliver on the biggest one – the lunch with Warren Buffett – people turned sarcastic and the word ‘scam’ began to appear every now and then to describe Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation.

An example of his ‘big promise’ made recently:

Among his other recent promises was to get TRX listed on Coinbase and/or Binance US.

This time, the comment thread was full of sarcastic and disdainful comments regarding Justin Sun and his promises regarding TRX and BTT. People are starting to complain about wasting their money on buying TRX in the first place.

Some are reminding Sun that he does nothing except talking and throwing promises around.

Image by Twitter

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