John McAfee's Location Publicly Exposed to CIA as He Was Busy Writing Zombie Coin Whitepaper

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Wed, 08/28/2019 - 09:56
Yuri Molchan
John McAfee moves to another ‘safe house’ as his previous location becomes exposed to law-enforcement agencies, while he is working on the ZC whitepaper
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The most controversial figure in the crypto industry, John McAfee, is fleeing from the CIA and IRS once again. On Twitter, the former antivirus-mogul wrote that his previous location was publicly exposed and that he, his wife Janice and the McAfee team had to move to a new ‘safe house’ in a ‘new country’.

Crypto baron moves to a safe location, the community offers him shelter

As McAfee, his family and the hired staff have moved to a new safe location, the crypto community that has always supported the crypto mogul and followed his recommendations on ICO investing, showed support to him again.

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Some have offered to arrange a secure accommodation for him, in Canada and even in Switzerland, the home to the Crypto Valley.

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McAfee working away at the Zombie Coin whitepaper

At the weekend, McAfee got the community curious by tweeting that he has accepted an offer to become a board member of the China Zombie project and help develop the new digital asset – Zombie Coin. He was busy writing the whitepaper for it when his secure location was compromised.

There is hardly any connection between these two events, however, McAfee’s reputation allows assuming that each his move is literary being closely watched by Big Brother.

Unlike Ernest Hemingway who was unable to prove that he was being followed all the time, McAfee at least has Twitter to convince the community and state-of-the-art equipment to let him stay free.

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