John McAfee Releases Preliminary White Paper for Zombie Coin to 'Shut Up' His Haters

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Wed, 09/04/2019 - 11:44
Yuri Molchan
John McAfee decided to release an incomplete white paper for Zombie Coin to make his opponents ‘shut up’, community calls the WP ‘quality McAfee content’
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The crypto ‘bad boy’ John McAfee, running for the upcoming US presidential elections in the US and being on the run from the CIA and the IRS, moving from one country to another in pursuit of a safe location and being betrayed by people seeing him, has recently been hired by the South China Zombie Research Centre to create a white paper for Zombie Coin.

Rumours have had it that McAfee demanded a giant amount of money as a reward plus a similarly huge amount of Zombie Coin. Tired of this, the crypto baron publishes an incomplete white paper for Zombie Coin to silence his haters.

In the document, McAfee shares the actual amount that he got paid and speculates whether zombies really exist, mentioning Herbert Wells and Bram Stoker.

Details of the deal with the Zombie Research Centre

Since McAfee’s opponents have been spreading rumours about him demanding 25 mln Zombie Coin from the Research Centre, McAfee decided to lay the cards on the table and share the actual figure with his followers.

McAfee stated that the actual amount he got paid was $4.5 mln and 20 percent of Zombie Coins of the intended amount to be issued.

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Besides, the former antivirus mogul ironically writes that at that moment he was so desperate for cash that he would have sold his own child if the employment offer had not turned up.

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The community’s reaction

McAfee’s followers took the white paper with enthusiasm. Many seem to be eager to buy Zombie Coin as soon as it comes out.

Some have encouraged McAfee on his work on the white paper, calling the WP version that has been so far released ‘quality McAfee content’.

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