John McAfee Gets Threats of $100 Mln Lawsuit from Zombie Coin Team

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Fri, 09/06/2019 - 08:17
Yuri Molchan
The Zombie Coin team threatens to sue the crypto baron John McAfee and demands $100 mln for scorning the project in the white paper
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On September 5, the South China Zombie Research Centre published several tweets, accusing John McAfee of scorning their Zombie Coin project. The crypto baron recently agreed to join the team as an advisor to write a white paper for them.

Recently, he published the preliminary and incomplete version of the WP but now the team behind the Zombie Coin states that McAfee has scorned their brainchild in the white paper draft. They are threatening him with a lawsuit to get $100 mln from him as compensation.

John McAfee calls the situation a ‘misunderstanding’ in his recent Twitter post. He is positive that the company will drop the intention of suing him as soon as he explains the things out to them.

McAfee allegedly says bad things about Zombie Coin

The creators of Zombie Coin from the South China Zombie Research Centre are accusing the former antivirus magnate of disparaging them in the draft of the white paper that he recently published on his Twitter page.

We are sue Mr. McAfee for make us look like fool.”

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McAfee comments on the team’s lack of the sense of humor

Responding to the allegations on his Twitter page, McAfee points out that it did not cross his mind to insult the Zombie Coin team and that his words were nothing but ‘an exaggerated, tongue in cheek rendering of what will appear in the final paper’.

In the preliminary version of the WP, McAfee stated that he got paid $4.5 mln and arranged to be also paid 20 percent of the total emission of Zombie Coin.

Now, the project team is threatening to demand $100 mln from the man. No actual moves seem to be made so far, no links to official legal documents have been published.

The community took the whole situation as one big joke, with some even offering the Zombie Coin creators to write another funny white paper for half of the money they paid McAfee.

Others have pointed out that thanks to McAfee’s jokingly written WP draft, Zombie Coin has received a great amount of promotion and the team should be grateful.

U.Today has reached out to Mr McAfee and the South China Zombie Research Centre for comments.

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