Dash Now Used for Making Parking Payments in Venezuela

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Wed, 08/14/2019 - 10:00
Alex Dovbnya
Venezuela has embraced Dash as the parking payment of the future
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CarMillennium, the parking lot of Venezuela’s Millennium mall, now offers its clients an opportunity to pay for parking services with the Dash cryptocurrency. The privacy-focused coin will replace fiat money to significantly cut wait times at checkout.

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A new parking payment option

Dash allows processing payments at breakneck speed, which explains why over 500 customers have already tested out the new option in less than a month. Notably, they were able to make payments even during a nationwide electrical blackout because of the DashText feature.

Considering that Venezuela is the number one market for Dash, the 15th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was an obvious choice for CarMillennium.

So far we have found Dash to be the best option in the market, mostly because of the speed and low cost of the transactions.

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Adoption milestones

Overall, 20 percent of merchants at the Millennium mall have already integrated Dash, which is a significant milestone if to consider that digital assets generally struggle with retail acceptance.

The coin’s adoption in the hyperinflation-stricken country has recently reached new highs due to its partnership with KriptoMobile. The company’s $70 smartphone comes with an in-built Dash wallet that allows making fast and cheap payments.

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