Crypto SmartPhones Could Be Dangerous, Says Crypto Investor to Binance’s CZ

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Tue, 09/24/2019 - 12:01
Yuri Molchan
After CZ Binance tweeted a photo of an HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone, a crypto investor expressed concerns that such gadgets can harm their owners
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Blockchain smartphones have become a trend these days, with companies one after another firing away their crypto phones.

First was HTC Exodus, Sirin Labs came with its Finney right after that. Then Samsung kicked off its Galaxy S10, Huobi also launched a crypto phone.

In a recent tweet, CZ of Binance said that makers of crypto smartphones are lining up to adopt crypto and got a reply from a crypto investor Crypto Rand that the effect could be opposite.

Criminals attracted by people boasting they have Bitcoin

Experts on social media urge crypto holders and investors not to boast online (or offline, it does not make much difference) that they store any coins because they could end up getting a visit from robbers.

There have been several ill-famous examples of this recently. As reported by U.Today earlier, a Norwegian billionaire whose name was not made public, had to jump from his second-floor window to escape from a an armed robber who burst into his apartment. The criminal was going to lay his hands on the billionaire’s $11 mln in Bitcoin. Previously, the unnamed wealthy man had been proudly telling people around him about his crypto riches.

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Earlier victims of ‘hunters for crypto’

Other cases include examples when in 2018 a crypto trader was stabbed in Norway and found dead. 

Earlier still, the wife of a Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen was kidnapped and a ransom of $10 mln was demanded in Monero (XMR) – a privacy-oriented coin, transactions in which are impossible to track.

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