CNBC’s Joe Kernen Explains Why He Hates Libra and Loves Bitcoin

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Fri, 08/23/2019 - 14:23
Alex Dovbnya
“Bitcoin Joe” voices the main reasons why you shouldn't be excited about the advent of Facebook’s Libra
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CNBC host Joe Kernen has become the new darling of Crypto Twitter after finally embracing Bitcoin. However, during a recent episode of “Squawk Box,” he once again took a shot at Facebook’s Libra, providing multiple reasons why everyone should hate it.

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Trashing Facebook’s Libra

In essence, Kernen doesn’t like Libra because it’s centralized, and, well, because it’s Facebook. The social media behemoth has a tarnished reputation because of its numerous data scandals.         

It’s based on the fiat currency, so it solves nothing.”
Mark Zuckerberg is going to steal all your private data and know all about your bank account.”

This is not the first time that Kernel rips Libra to shreds. Back in the day, he also mentioned that Facebook's controversial coin doesn’t make any sense

Meanwhile, he once again emphasizes that one shouldn’t paint Facebook and Libra with a broad brush.   

There’s something called unforgeable value. Antiques, gold. And that’s how Bitcoin is different from Libra.”

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No, Bitcoin cannot be hacked 

When one of the contributors mentioned that Bitcoin can be possibly hacked, the members of the community ran to the thread to remind uninitiated “Squawk Box” hosts that the statement was false. 

Although, as reported by U.Today, Binance CEO Changpend Zhao stirred some controversy back in May by considering a Blockchain reorganization.

Becoming a crypto dad

Kernel, who’s now also dubbed “Bitcoin Joe,” received a lot of love and adoration for standing up for the top cryptocurrency.      

Notably, Kerner had a change of heart about Bitcoin after its most recent price rally. Prior to that, he would compare Bitcoin to “tulip mania.”

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