Brendan Blumer of to Go to War With Complainants: Details

Wed, 05/20/2020 - 10:54
Vladislav Sopov
After another very strange lawsuit on behalf of one more group of ‘gullible investors’ filed against and its leaders, Mr. Blumer's patience has run out
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Brendan Blumer, an investor, entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of the development team behind EOS.IO open-source software has announced his plans to hold claimants accountable for countless lawsuits.

This is war

Mr. Blumer highlighted that the abuse of rights demonstrated by those who tried to sue him and his colleagues with another lawsuit isn’t as innocuous as it may look.

According to him, this policy threatens the whole process of blockchain development in the U.S. Not only EOS.IO but also Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other public chains are exposed to such threats. 

Moreover, these legal proceedings may lead to the ‘intentional mischaracterization of the industry itself’.

So, he is ready to ‘dismantle conspiracy’ in order to protect blockchain progress from hostile industry forces.

Mr. Blumer isn’t alone

This tweet storm was written by Mr. Blumer after a second class action in one month was filed by the Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund and Roche Cyrilnik Friedman lawyers.

According to the text from the claims, mis-lead investors and involved them in an unregistered securities offering.

This isn’t the only string of strange lawsuits that have been disrupting the crypto industry these days. Recently, Bitfinex general counsel Stuart Hoegner announced that he will dismiss baseless class actions against Tether and Bitfinex.

Just like Mr. Blumer, he outlined that such actions represent a direct attack on ‘the entire digital token community’.

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