BitTorrent Launches Trials of BLive Streaming Platform with BTT Usage Intended

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Thu, 08/29/2019 - 08:28
Yuri Molchan
BitTorrent, the top p2p file-sharing platform, plans to initiate trials of its new social streaming app BLive (BitTorrent Live) with rewards in BTT
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BitTorrent has spread the word about the upcoming launch of internal trials for its new p2p streaming platform dubbed BitTorrent Live (BLive). The app will let users make live streams and share them. The company has introduced a mechanism for giving rewards – in BTT and other coins.

A new gifting mechanism

BLive has come up with a new system that allows users to tip content makers with BTT, as well as some other digital coins. This enables broadcasters to make some money and engage with new users.

Video and audio streams are not the only features that BLive offers – users can also instant message each other while discussing the content, can collaborate and put crypto on their personal account and withdraw it when necessary.

The founder of Tron and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun said about the new platform:

With the continuous growth of telecommunication technology and social media, livestreams have gained a tremendous edge and have become the dark horse of online communication. It gives rise to outstanding content creators who have thousands of followers but don’t get their fair share of advertisements and virtual gifts.

Other platforms for content creation grab the biggest part of content makers’ profits, sometimes up to 90 percent of it. As per the Medium post, BLive plans to keep 70 percent, leaving 30 percent for content-makers, which is not a great difference from the 90/10 scheme of other venues, though. 

BLive will be able to expand its user base to the 100 mln of BitTorrent’s active users, as per the company’s plan.

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Overcoming hurdles for transnational payments

BLive also intends to make BTT the currency for free and instant cross-border payments. 

BLive users will be able to send BTT and other crypto to countries that do not have e-payment service providers and users will be able to withdraw their crypto in any part of the world and cash it out or use for other direct payments.

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