BitPay Suspends BTC Donations to Hong Kong’s Largest News Outlet without Notification

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Wed, 09/11/2019 - 11:47
Yuri Molchan
Crypto payment processor platform BitPay again blocks Bitcoin donations in a troubled region – Hong Kong, chief editor of HKFP is willing to press charges
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The US-located crypto payment platform BitPay has again damped its reputation after the incident with the burning Amazon forests that U.Today reported earlier. 

This time it has postponed a crypto donation to Hong Kong’s largest free media outlet, a crowdfunded one – Hong Kong Free Press.

The founder and chief editor, Tom Grundy, says that unless BitPay solves the issue, he is willing to start a legal action against them. 

BitPay suspends crypto donations

Tom Grundy, has posted a message, saying that crypto donations have been coming to HKFP since 2015. However, this time a certain amount of funds is crypto has been suspended by BitPay crypto payment processor.

This allegedly was done without any notifications or no reasons cited.

Previously, BitPay also delayed $100,000 in crypto sent to Amazon Watch, a non-profit group that ensures support for the Amazon region and was dealing with the fires that hit the area.

Now, the situation repeats itself with Hong Kong Free Press. All crypto donations to this media seem to be blocked by BitPay just when HKFP announced it accepts funds from people in Bitcoin and BCH after the protests broke out in Hong Kong.

Grundy also accuses the company of extremely high fees and ‘horrible’ customer service.

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The community bashes BitPay

The crypto community first responded with heavy criticism of BitPay after the incident with Amazon forests. Back then, the platform responded to Amazon Watch that the donation was delayed over an exceeded payment limit.

Now, the community are supporting Tom Grundy, recommending he chooses another instead of BitPay.

Grundy threatens to take BitPay to court

Tom Grundy has reached out to the founders of BitPay, saying that he is prepared to go far enough to get back on them for blocking the crypto donations to HKFP, even to press charges.

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