Bitcoin Will Destroy Banks, ‘Question of When, Not If’, Says Mauldin Economics Investment Expert

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Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:43
Yuri Molchan
An investment strategist of Mauldin Economics states that Bitcoin indeed bears a serious threat for banks, saying that BTC will ultimately pushing them out of business
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Talks of whether Bitcoin is going to leave bankers without their jobs have been discussed for several years already. Many have already taken this for a fact and are now talking about how soon it will happen.

As 2018 showed, many former banking top managers feel completely at ease working for blockchain companies and the other way round.

Some of the most popular figures in the crypto industry who are forecasting Bitcoin’s ultimate victory over banks are Tim Draper, Tom Lee from Fundstrat, Mike Novogratz, inexhaustible John McAfee, Anthony Pompliano.

Now, a figure known slightly less than those above, but still an expert in investment strategies, has joined this pro-Bitcoin camp – Jared Dillian, an investment strategist from Mauldin Economics.

BTC will kill banks, a ‘question of when not if’

Dillian states that some technological hurdles are left but anyway Bitcoin will destroy banks. It is just a matter of time, he says. He has only been studying BTC for a couple of weeks, though.

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The community disagrees

In the comment thread, though, there are people disagreeing that Bitcoin is a perfect medium of exchange. One user says that BTC is not scalable enough (basically, going deeper into what Dillian said about the hurdles).

Others suggest that Ethereum is a much better alternative to Bitcoin.

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