Bitcoin Skeptic Kevin O’Leary Says He May Invest in BTC - “I'm Gonna Start Looking at It”

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Wed, 08/07/2019 - 11:30
Yuri Molchan
The CNBC anchor Kevin O’Leary who is a well-known opponent of Bitcoin and crypto in general, has made an astounding statement – he may invest in Bitcoin after all
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In a recent interview, part of which was published on Twitter, the famous Bitcoin skeptic from CNBC, Kevin O’Leary, also known as ‘Mr Wonderful’, demonstrated that he is prepared to take a step towards Bitcoin investment.

‘I’m gonna start looking at it’

As per O’Leary, the CNBC host and an investor who prefers traditional assets, he may add 2-3 percent Bitcoin to his investment portfolio. He said:

I’m gonna start looking at it.

‘O’Leary understands more about Bitcoin than he shows’ says the text at the end of the video extract.

In the comment thread, the community posted rather skeptical comments.

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O’Leary to Anthony Pompliano: Shame on you!

In a live TV discussion that took place earlier and where O’Leary and the crypto expert and investor Anthony Pompliano participated, the latter explained to the former how Bitcoin works, saying that O’Leary must not focus on altcoins, just BTC.

When answering the question about how much of Pompliano’s net worth is in Bitcoin, ‘Pomp’ said over ‘fifty percent’, O’Leary exclaimed ‘Shame on you!’

Fifty percent of any single asset is too risky, he believes, whereas he only holds not more than 5 percent of stocks in his portfolio. Mr Wonderful accused Pompliano of violating the basic rules of investment portfolio diversification and pinned him with phrases:

 I forbid that! Shame on you! That’s nuts!

Curiously, O’Leary does have a crypto wallet and some BTC that he put there as an experiment two years ago. Back then, it was $100 worth of BTC. Now, the CNBC host says, it is only $30 worth.

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