Bitcoin Price Plunges but Crypto Experts Buying Deep: ‘This is the Last Time $BTC Will Be Under $10k’

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Wed, 09/25/2019 - 08:36
Yuri Molchan
As Bitcoin price lost slightly over $1,000 last night, many are panicking but crypto experts are buying deep hoping to get bigger profits later on
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Last night, Bitcoin trading closed at $8,620, thus plunging by over $1,000 (minus 13.13 percent) compared to the price on charts yesterday afternoon.

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Top-line investors, however, Anthony Pompliano is among them, have turned this to their benefit and tweeted that they have bought more BTC now that it has become slightly cheaper.

Investor sentiment remains positive

The business angel and Morgan Creek Digital co-founder, Anthony Pompliano, tweeted yesterday, after the Bitcoin price collapsed, that he had bought some more BTC.

He also posted a separate tweet, saying that Bitcoin will survive this plunge, as it did many others before.

Pompliano (often referred to simply as ‘Pomp’), is a famous Bitcoin bull, a crypto podcaster and an author of daily letter to the investors of Morgan Creek Digital fund.

Another, big name person in the crypto community, calling herself ‘Crypto Maximalist. Fiat minimalist. Digital Nomad. YouTube Personality for all things crypto’ in her Profile section in Twitter, @blockchainchick, also tweeted that she had purchased some BTC on the new low.

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‘This is the last time $BTC will be under $10k’

The founder of Aluna.Social, a gamified social trading terminal, with a Twitter name @onemanatatime, posted a bullish forecast for the Bitcoin price, claiming that it will never trade below $10,000 again.

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