Binance CZ Responds to Complaints of DGB Coin Founder about Its Dismissal, Community Reacts

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Sat, 09/21/2019 - 11:00
Yuri Molchan
Binance allegedly refuses to list DGB Coin, demanding too much money, says DGB founder, the community asks CZ Binance to clarify the issue
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On Saturday, September 21, a hot discussion appeared on Twitter, as the founder and CTO of DigiByte Coin (DGB), Jared Tate, claimed that the Binance team had again refused to list DGB until DigiByte Coin pays $300,000 and 3 percent of the total coin supply for ”insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects”.

The community has split: some are taking the side of Binance. Some are siding with DGB.

No cash, no listing?

In his tweet, the DGB founder states that during a phone conversation with him the Binance team asked for $300,000 and 3 percent of the total DGB Coin supply to get it listed on the exchange.

Jared Tate responded that, being a fully decentralized and transparent blockchain project, DGB does not have the necessary funds.

Binance’s CZ responded that he is not going to waste time, discussing this.

Two years ago, the DigiByte Coin team won in a Binance listing poll and, allegedly, Binance also asked for a fee but DigiByte could not afford it.

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The community’s response

In the comment thread, some users took the side of CZ. Some did not believe that Tate spoke to Binance in the first place. Others started rebuking him for making this conversation public.

Even though many sided with Tate, the DGB founder provided no evidence of this conversation with Binance taking place, suggesting the community should take his word for it.

While responding to tweets that were criticizing him, Tate offered the critics to pay for the DGB listing on Binance if they can afford it.

Until there is a solid proof, the move could be a mere PR campaign for the DGB Coin, which is currently ranked 56 and is trading at $0.0080.

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Even the controversial Crypto_Bitlord (the man who threatened to hardfork XRP) joined the discussion, asking CZ to clarify the FUD that the DGB founder was spreading. 

Crypto_Bitlord has assumed that Tate was talking to scammers rather than the Binance team.

One Twitter user has written that CZ blocked Jared Tate on Twitter.

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