Analysts Predict TRX Price Will Stay Around $0.015. When The Breakout Should Happen? 

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Sat, 09/07/2019 - 18:00
Vera Yurina
Tron (TRX) price will stay around $0.015 or go lower, say analysts. Why there’s no hope for TRX yet?
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Following the lead of other altcoins, Tron continues its path to the lowest lows in 2019. The cryptocurrency cannot resist the bearish trend and continues losing one percent by another. What to expect from it in the nearest time? Twitter users and TradingView analysts share their TRX price predictions and views on the cryptocurrency.

The mood of Twitter users doesn’t change

We still remember the recent wave of sarcasm addressed to Justin Sun. Twitter users mock him for fake promises given and blame him for unsuccessful Tron development. The situation is pretty much the same so far – there are practically no positive TRX price predictions.

Check the replies (see, nothing changes):

Yet, some continue support the cryptocurrency because it might be cheap but stays stable and affordable for anyone: 

More drops are to come?

TRX will continue falling

TRX is having a tough time at the moment, Justin Sun, the founder, is under a lot of heat and it is looking like the TRX holders are starting to sell at big losses right now. It’s recommended to continue waiting as TRX will continue falling further.

49-Bln WIN Airdrop for TRX Owners Kicks Off as Tron Initiates Strategic Partnership with IDAX Crypto Exchange

TRX/BTC: over 1200% potential?

Tron (TRX) price chart by alanmasters

Here we are looking at the long-term chart for Tron ( TRXBTC ) and we can see a clear falling wedge pattern that always leads to a massive bullish wave. Profits potential goes from ~600%, April 2018's peak price, up to ~1200%+ for Tron ( TRXBTC ) All-Time High. Check the Fibonacci targets on the chart. Probably, the same scenario will play out this time.

The breakout should happen after TRX reaches $0.013

Tron (TRX) price chart by IgorPorokh

According to IgorPorokh, since Tron is adding liquidity to the Binance, new volumes for buying and selling appear in the coin. That means that further asset growth is possible. However, no one guarantees it will happen. We can observe the cancellation of the growth scenario breakdown of the white level. After a breakdown of the white level, we can open the short with the target of 0.013.

49-Bln WIN Airdrop for TRX Owners Kicks Off as Tron Initiates Strategic Partnership with IDAX Crypto Exchange

No sign of recovery

Tron (TRX) price chart by ahf010

According to user ahf010, TRX may see 50 satoshis. There is a pattern on the chart: although we are in oversell area, there is no sign of positive divergence in weekly time frame Thus, we can go down in price and may see higher level in oscillators to create divergence. 

TRX price charts by TradingView

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